Diablo 4

Diablo 4, developed by Blizzard, does not fall off the agenda due to leaks in recent months. The claim made this time points to the release date and the platforms it will support. Here are the details…

Diablo 4 will be released in 2023!
According to official information, Diablo 4 will be released on PC with support for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The source of the allegations is the Xbox Era podcast and Windows Central, which have been on the agenda with similar news in the past.

If we look at the release date of Diablo 4, its open beta will start in February 2023 and it will be available for pre-order within the same month. It will also be released in April. The promotional campaigns and release date of the game will be announced at the 2022 Game Awards event that will take place in December.

In addition to these, a 40-minute video alleged to be Diablo 4 gameplay video was shared on YouTube in the past months. The leak, which made waves in the game world, was removed from the platform a few days after its installation.

Steam has shared its best selling games list!
At the top of the list of best-selling games shared by Steam, the newly released Modern Warfare II game of the Call of Duty series, which broke the sales record during the pre-order period, was. Right behind it was Battlefield 1, which started to rise again as it was discounted by 88 percent.